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Greetings to all. After having this blog for a while, I have decided to restructure it a little…to give it a clearer focus.

This blog reflects my ever evolving spiritual path. As part of my spiritual path, I do not believe in separating my interests into separate blogs. I tried that once upon a time & it just got silly.

So what this blog will have are posts on Universal Sufism, Integral Theory, world religions (Islam, Judaism, Essenes, Esoteric religion, etc.), new religions, philosophy, Star Trek, Monty Python, liberal politics, beautiful women, global thinking, theism, etc. As you can see, I don’t separate my spiritual aspirations from my earthly desires. So, some may find images that are uncomfortable due to their sexual nature. However, I confine these to the pages section rather than to the regular posts. So, if you wish to avoid them, just read the regular posts. 🙂

~Jamil Syvak