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The Essene Daily Communions

Posted by Jamil Syvak on May 25, 2008

The Essene Daily Communion For SATURDAY
The Sabbath (Ends at Sundown)

THE DEEPENING: Fasting is the first principle. Fast from negative thoughts, words and deeds. Fast from ego, pride and desire. Fast from all physical ills and Ye shall behold the strength and the wisdom of the spirit.

MORNING COMMUNION: The EARTHLY MOTHER and I are one. Blessed is the child who knoweth the Earthy Mother, for she is the provider and the sustainer of life. Her harvest becomes thy body, her waters become thy blood, her winds will carry thy spirit, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace her.

MEDITATION: The richness of the Mother’s garden surrounds us. The forces of nature toil unendingly for the benefit of all. For this we are blessed. The kingdom which guides and nurtures the plants and the forests is yet another manifestation of the Mother’s love for us, and we within this kingdom must return her blessings with respect, with caring, and with love.

Ye that love thy Heavenly Father do Ye then his bidding; Walk Ye with his Holy Angels and you shall find peace within his Holy Law.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of ETERNAL LIFE I invoke thee; descend upon my soul and bless my spirit with the splendor and the knowledge of eternal life. And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

THE BLESSING: The food upon my table shares its life with me. And as this life nourishes my body, one day my body shall nourish this earth. And until that time shall pass, I shall return her blessings with kindness, with respect, and with my love.

Verily I say unto you, if in the daytime the Earthly Mother holds you in her arms, and in the night the Heavenly Father breathes his kiss upon you, then will the Sons of Men become the Sons of God. ~Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ

The Essene Daily Communion For SUNDAY

THE DEEPENING: Spend time outside. Hold in your hands a stone and explore it intently. Know that the Earth and all that dwells therein is but a reflection of the Heavenly Father.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of EARTH I invoke thee; for the Lord hath created this world to be a garden, where the magic of herbs and the secrets of plants nourish and heal the bodies of men. And as I regenerate my body, I regenerate my soul, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: I feel my body become one with the earth. From the richness of the soil springs the fruits that you share…… and I am the rock. My center belongs to that which was kindled long ago. Bring that consciousness back to me now.

Blessed is the Child of Light who knoweth the Earthly Mother and brings peace unto her. Know that thy Mother is in thee and thou art in her, for she is the giver of life.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of CREATIVE WORK I invoke thee; for he who walks with the Angel of work has within him a field always fertile, where healing herbs and beautiful flowers blossom and grow. The mind that is idle is full of the weeds of discontentment, but he who has found his task shall not be in want of other blessings. And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

THE BLESSING: The table in my house is full and I have much to share. I gather in the fruits of my labors. I work with the talents I have. In the labor of right livelihood, I find the greatest joys of life, and my cupboard overflows with its blessings.

To lift your eyes to heaven when all men’s eyes are on the ground, is not easy. To worship at the feet of the angels when all men worship only fame and riches, is not easy. But the most difficult of all is to think the thoughts of the angels, to speak the words of the angels, and to do as the angels do.
~Gospel of the Essenes

The Daily Essene Communion For MONDAY

THE DEEPENING: God so made life and ALL living things that they, by the living word, would teach the laws of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, to the sons and the daughters of men.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of LIFE I invoke thee; for in everything that has life is the Holy Law written. In the grass, in the flowers, in the forest and in the trees. In the animals, and the birds and the fishes in the seas. All life speaks to us and if we listen, we can understand the tongue and the will of the living God.

MEDITATION: The life-force within me cries out. That which I am longs for experience and to know and to understand. May I gain the wisdom of the connectedness with all that there is, for I am the one, and I am the many.

NOON CONTEMPLATION: Peace with CULTURE. Though thy brothers be of different origin, we all do toil in the vineyard of the Earthly Mother. We all lift our voices in praise of the Heavenly Father, and together, we all break the bread of wisdom and share in the Holy feast.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of PEACE I invoke thee. Cast your blessings to the peoples of the world and to all that are weary or do suffer. And as long as the sun and moon endure, and throughout all the generations to come, may peace prevail over the earth as the waters cover the sea. And in remembrance of thee, I shall ever greet my brother by your name, and as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee. Peace be with you.

THE BLESSING: The whispering of a flame invokes the peace within me. Reminding me of my task and of my journey. I have been given a peaceful heart and my path is before me. I joyfully take up the task, to reach the center, and to realize that I am a channel for peace.

The Communions are a bridge between man and the angels. And like a bridge, can only be built with patience. Yea, even as a bridge over a river is fashioned stone by stone, as they are found by the water’s edge. ~Gospel of the Essenes

The Essene Daily Communion For TUESDAY

THE DEEPENING: The heavens smile and the earth celebrates as the children of light sing the songs of life; and the bodily world of thy Earthly Mother, and the celestial worlds of thy Heavenly Father, give praise to the joyous voices.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of JOY I invoke thee. I come before you with the voice of the wind for thy Holy Law is within me. Descend upon this Earth and spread your blessings to ALL living beings. Touch those who walk in darkness so they may see the light, and partake in the Holy Communions, and eat of the fruits of your blessings; And as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: Meditate on the image of a newborn child, seeing the world for the very first time. Experience the newness, be the child.

NOON CONTEMPLATION: Peace with Humanity, Social Peace.
Let thy love be as the Sun which shines on ALL creatures of the earth, and does not favor even one blade of grass for another.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of POWER I invoke thee; descend upon my body and help me to direct my thoughts, my actions, my words and my deeds; And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

THE BLESSING: Within me lives the meditating Monk. The builder of the temple. In this season of inner reflection I shall discover the center for I am guided by the light from within.

The Holy Temple can be built only with the ancient Communions. Those which are spoken, those which are thought, and those which are lived. ~Gospel of the Essenes

To make the human heart a temple, the soul an altar, and the mind a priest. These were the missions of Jesus the Nazarene. ~Kahlil Gibran

The Essene Daily Communion For WEDNESDAY

THE DEEPENING: Let thy love be as the Angel of Sun which shines upon ALL the creatures of the earth, and does not favor even one blade of grass for another.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of SUN I invoke thee. Thou art the fountain of light that warms our days and lights our path. It is by your glory that man is born to live the words of the Holy Law, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: This day brings to the world the divine blessings of the glorious Sun and its radiant gifts of warmth and of light. How mindlessly we go about our days shielded from your nourishment and unable the receive your blessed gifts. Without fail, I shall find time this day to take the gift of your light into my soul, so that my own light may shine unto others with the same power and glory that you have given unto me.

NOON CONTEMPLATION: Peace with the FAMILY. He who hath found peace with his brother hath entered the kingdom of love and shall experience the Oneness of God. The Heavenly Father knoweth the hearts and the minds of his Children, and their inheritance shall forever be Peace.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of LOVE I invoke thee; for love is the first blessing of the Heavenly Father. Yea, it was said in the days of old, thou shalt love thy brother as thyself; and to every one who loveth another is born of the Heavenly Order, and shall drink from the well of eternity. And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

THE BLESSING: The warmth of this day has filled me. How natural it is to feel this blessing and to radiate it back into the world. I look into the eyes of another and see only shared divinity. The boundaries have disappeared. You are no longer a stranger to my heart.

Truly, all must be born again of Sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of truth of the Heavenly Father.
~ Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ

The Essene Daily Communion For THURSDAY

THE DEEPENING: Hold a bowl of water as you commune with the Angel this day. When finished drink the water in deep reverence and feel it, like a rushing current of a river, fill your body and soul.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of WATER I invoke thee; whether lake or stream or water of the well, enter my body and become my blood. Give unto me the gift that sustains all life. Your blessings hath cleansed my spirit and quenched the thirst of my soul and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: As the wave of natures glory reaches its crest and then flows on, I have gained perspective. The waters that rage in the rivers and the rains that fall from the sky are the same as the blood that flows in the veins of my body. The Earth and I are one.

Evil thoughts cannot abide in a mind filled with the Light of the Law. He who hath found Peace with the Mind, hath learned to soar beyond the realm of the Angels; For I tell you truly, the lightning that cleaves the mighty oak, or the quaking that opens great cracks in the earth are as the play of children compared with the powers of thought.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of WISDOM I invoke thee; for only through the wisdom of the holy law doth the Angels guide the children of light. Descend upon my thinking body and enlighten my thoughts, my mind, my intentions and my deeds. To follow the holy law is the root of your blessings, and as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

THE BLESSING: When at first a fledgling bird tries to fly, his wings cannot support him, and he falls again and again to the earth. But he tries again and one day he soars aloft, leaving the earth and his nest far behind. And so is it with the thoughts and intentions of the Sons of Men. The longer one walks with the angels and keeps their Law, the stronger ones thoughts shall become in Holy Wisdom. The day will come when the thoughts of men will overcome even the kingdom of death and then shall he soar to everlasting life in the kingdoms of the Heavenly Father.

There is no greater power in heaven and earth than in the thoughts of the Son of Man. ~The Isaiah Effect

Each of us has deep within the knowledge of all things, and when we are ready to remember, the knowledge is there to be known. ~The Essene Book of Days

Only when we surrender to our inner nature can we begin to hear the wisdom that comes from deep within. ~The Essene Book of Days

Essene Daily Communion For Friday
Sabbath and Fasting begins at sundown.

THE DEEPENING: In the gentle breeze of the forests and in the winds of the fields, thou shalt find the Angel of Air. Breath long and deeply, for the rhythm of thy breath is the key of knowledge which will unlock the secrets of the Holy Law.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of AIR, I invoke thee; for no man may come before the face of God whom the Angel of Air hath not passed. For thy body must breath the air of the Earthly Mother before thy spirit may breath the Holy Law of the Heavenly Father. And as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: This morning brings a different breeze. The winds of inner change and reflection. These winds blow strong as I unfurl my sails and set a course for yet another journey. May the wind be my guide, and the calmness of the truth lead my way.

As thou movest the air with thy breath, movest thy body with thy soul. Eat of the blessed fruits from the Earthly Mother, and walk in the light of the Holy Law; for he who hath found peace with the body, hath built a holy temple wherein may forever dwell the spirit of God.

EVENING COMMUNION: The HEAVENLY FATHER and I are One; Thou hast made known unto me the deepest of mysteries. By thy fourteen fruits of the Tree of Life thou hast directed my heart, and guided my steps, that I may walk in your presence and dwell eternally in the essence of the divine.

THE BLESSING: What is man, that thou art be so mindful of he? Thou hast made a covenant with the Children of Light, and thou hast given unto all the Holy Law. To some it has been lost, and to some it is forgotten. But to some it is lived, and those whom walk with thy Holy Angels shall dwell forever in the kingdoms of God.

Hear me, Sons of Light, for I will impart to you the gift of tongues, that by speaking to your Earthly Mother in the morning, and to your Heavenly Father in the evening, you may go closer and closer to oneness with the kingdoms of earth and heaven, that oneness for which the Son of Man is destined from the beginning of the times.
~Essene Gospel of Peace

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